The only athletic club in Southeast Michigan designed to give youth anglers the highest level of opportunity in fishing!

A1 Angler Development

“When you participate in a Summer program with A1 you are taking the fast track to becoming an excellent angler. Time on the water, experienced mentors, and access to equipment will give you the most in-depth introduction to the sport and take your fishing skills to the next level. Our program results in anglers with higher levels of confidence, new skills, more fish catches, and overall more fun times on the water”

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“First of all, thank you for taking the time to invest in Caleb(Mike’s son).  I’m grateful that there are people like you who will come alongside our sons to not only teach them how to be a better angler but to impress upon them what it means to be a decent person. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and gain your perspective on tournament prep and execution. The boys will definitely be stronger for it, and I certainly learned some things as well!”

A1 Angler Programs

Tour Elite Team

The A1 Tour Elite Team Program is the highest level program in which anglers are able to travel and compete in the Michigan BASS High School tournaments. This is the complete program for those ready to pursue competitive bass fishing fully.

Tour Team

The Tour Programs are designed to give high school anglers the full A1 developmental experience but also includes the ability to fish in the US-23 Summer Junior Fishing League. The trail of tournaments requires less travel than the BASS and are only 3 hours long. The trail still provides a great way for anglers to gain exposure to competition against other high school teams.

Genesis Team

The A1 Genesis Team program is designed for any anglers looking to become better in the sport of fishing and learn from our in depth knowledge. Like our other higher level programs, the Genesis program includes our 8 week summer program designed to build a foundation and take any level of angler to greater heights. It also include 6 weeks of additional after school sessions. It excludes any tournament events exclusive only to the Tour level programs.

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