Club Policies

The safety and well being of anglers and staff is the number one priority for A1. The nature of our services is outdoors, and therefore subject to the unpredictability of weather.

A1 has structured weather guidelines to be implemented, but weather can be unpredictable and change quickly calling for on the spot decisions. A1 expects coaches and parents to assume responsibility and make final judgement calls leaning to the side of safety for the anglers.

All anglers and coaches are advised to have the latest weather apps with lightning alerts turned on.

All program on the water sessions will continue during the following weather conditions:

  • Rain
  • High winds up to 35 mph
  • Temperatures down to 31 Degrees
  • Temperatures up to 100 degrees
    • With mandatory hydration intervals every 25 minutes when temps exceed 85 degrees
  • Severe Weather Watches


Under no circumstance will sessions continue if lightning is seen or reported in the area. If lightning is reported or seen in the area coaches and anglers must move to the ramp and into a covered shelter or vehicle until the lightning has left the vicinity for a minimum of 15 minutes. Sessions may resume after this time.



If hail is included in a storm the coach and anglers are required to move to shore and into a covered shelter or vehicle until the hail storm has passed. While some hail might be small enough to fish in, it is our policy to move to shelter to protect our anglers and equipment.

High Winds

A1 sessions are taking place on small bodies of water and high winds up to 35 mph are unlikely to make conditions hazardous enough to stop a session. The small lakes allow coaches to find cover from the wind on a certain sides of the lake with more protection. A1 still expects the operating captain to make a judgement call leaning towards the side of safety.

Payment and Cancellation Policies


Payment Policies:

  • We understand that if my angler incurs an injury, becomes ill, is dismissed from the club, or decides not to participate at any time that I remain liable for my total club season dues. Any outstanding fees and dues will be due within seven (7) days of my angler’s termination from the club.
  • Each angler must pay their selected program’s deposit amount in order to confirm their position. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE as are all club payments thereafter. A1 Angler Development Club WILL NOT refund any payments.

Cancellation Policy

Any call to cancel a session is final and made based on these agreed upon policies put in place by A1 Angler Development for the safety of our anglers and coaches. No refunds for cancelled sessions will be provided. We will work to make up the session as soon as possible.

If tournaments are cancelled all payments covering expenses and time up to that point will be retained by A1. Any estimated cost and payment after that point for that event will be returned.

Failure to cancel a session 2 days in advance will still require full payment and not be scheduled to make up.

Failure to cancel a tournament event 14 days in advance will still require full payment for the event.

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