Mission & History


The Problem

I stood at the Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel show near the “Hawg Trough”. I was a 16 year old bright eyed and bushy tailed high school angler hoping to just rub shoulders and if I was lucky, shoot the breeze with the likes of Jacob Wheeler and Mike Iaconelli. I started tournament fishing that past summer and was absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, in love with the sport. So where else would newly in love, crazy eyed, and flat out passionate high school anglers go to quench their thirst during the winter(you know what I’m talking about)? Yep, the boat show.

Now the question that really stuck with me that day came from a parent in the crowd of a seminar by some pro angler. This parent, intrigued by the sport and looking for ways to get her junior high angler involved adamantly inquired, “so how do you get involved in this fishing thing if you don’t have a boat”? “Err, uhhhh, well…..you see” the professional stammered, “you have to know someone with a boat and maybe be a co-angler.” Not satisfied but not wanting to push, the parent took her seat with a look of disdain on her face.

I was fortunate enough to have a high quality boat. This question was never an issue to me but to many it posed a large problem. While there were those who volunteered and a few who took young anglers under their wing, many junior anglers were left fishing from the bank. Today with the explosion of the sport, the shortage of captains, mentors, and volunteers has been only magnified. The barriers to entry are high and the demand for boaters is much greater than the supply. It was clear, the questioned needed another answer

The Solution

The last 4 years since my junior year of college the question began to weigh on me heavily while I was volunteering to boat captain in junior tournaments back home. I decided to figure out a better way and work on the solution to this problem junior anglers everywhere were facing. It became clear, these young anglers not only needed the equipment but also the mentorship and leadership of someone who had been there before. This eventually led to the beginning of  A1 Angler Development.

To me, the solution is to provide what junior athletes in every other major sport were receiving. Individualized training and opportunity from credible, and exceptional coaches in the sport. Who has the equipment? Well I do. Who has the experience and knowledge? I suppose I have that too. Who needs a job soon!? Me!

At A1 we provide the solution. We fill the need of equipment, knowledge, mentorship, and coaching all in one place. We offer services that allow junior anglers to compete, learn, and position themselves for the most success without having to break down the high barriers to entry and we do it with value and a price that can not be duplicated on your own.

Now, when parents ask “how do you get involved in fishing without a boat and how do you fish in college” the answer is clear, you come join the only athletic club specifically designed for competitive fishing. A1 Angler Development.


A1 Angler Development Club’s mission is to use our experience and resources to provide junior anglers in Southeast Michigan the opportunity to achieve success in fishing and compete for collegiate fishing scholarships. A1 is dedicated to providing the best on the water and off the water services tailored to develop better anglers, students, and people.


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