Caleb has been involved with the angler development scene for 6+ years. Here are some of the testimonials from amazing clients who fished under Caleb.

Caleb does and excellent job mentoring and tutoring youth on how to promote awareness of fishing as a sport; to promote conservation and environmental protection; encourage the fellowship of fishing; and to introduce the sport of fishing and the love of the sport to Youth. He has been the boat captain for my son and his fishing partner when they competed in youth events for B.A.S.S. and the Indiana Bass Federation Youth tournament series. Caleb has volunteered his time for numerous other youth giving back to the organizations he fished in as a youth. When my job prevented me from traveling out of state for my son and partner's tournaments, Caleb was a boat captain taking them to Alabama and Tennessee for 4 day tournaments. My wife questioned me if I trusted Caleb going that far to fish, I told her yes I totally trusted him with the bass boat. She said "with Beau, not the bass boat.," I laughed and said “of course.” If someone wants their child to learn how to fish recreationally to get outdoors or to learn how to fish competitively in tournaments, I can think of no better boat captain than Caleb.

Darin Ashcraft

"I would like to thank Coach Taylor for the coaching he has have given me over the past year. As a result of his coaching, I have more confidence in myself and my ability to make decisions that will lead to success. Coach Taylor was always willing to invest his personal time into me."

Micah Colbert
High School Angler

“First of all, thank you for taking the time to invest in Caleb(Mike’s son). I’m grateful that there are people like you who will come alongside our sons to not only teach them how to be a better angler but to impress upon them what it means to be a decent person. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and gain your perspective on tournament prep and execution. The boys will definitely be stronger for it, and I certainly learned some things as well!”

Mike Dachenhaus

“It was really awesome having Caleb on the boat. Caleb had so much to bring to the table as a mentor and boat captain. We definitely learned some stuff that weekend and had a great time. Caleb is an awesome dude, and awesome mentor, and a good character to look up to. I look forward to fishing with him more!”

Caleb Dachenhaus

"Caleb Taylor is a great boat captain. He was knowledgeable, prepared with many snacks, great music, and lots of good advice and put me and my partner as number 1 priority while on the water. I really had a great time on Caleb's boat."

Elise Abbott

“Caleb was a great boat captain. Since he is younger than the other boat captains I came in contact with, he was easier to relate to. Most of the other boat captains also judged my fishing partner and I since we were girls. Caleb kept an open mind and did not base our skill on the stereotypes. He also showed my fishing partner and I new tricks and techniques. Overall, he was a great boat captain.”

Laura Caudill

Hello my my name is Tom Fagan. I have a son that is 13 years old and is super passionate about fishing and from what i know about Nick, he has been the same since he was a kid and he lives and breathes fishing . He helped my son a ton and can relate to any younger angler out there. Nick is a go getter and has a bundle of knowledge to share . The outings my son shared with him he had a blast and had tips and techniques to tell me that I couldn’t keep up with. No doubt my son gained fishing skills from spending time with Nick. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong having this young man pass on what he knows to anyone who is willing to learn and listen.

Tom Fagan

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