Tour Elite Team Programs

Program Dates

First Tournament– June 14-15 (Cadillac)
Summer Program start date– Week of June 24th
Summer Program End date– Week of August 26th
Off Weeks– July 4th week of & Week of August 15th (state championship)
Flex Weeks–  First two weeks of September

***Only 5 Team Spots Available***


  • Must be in High School
  • Must sign up with a partner
  • Partner must be from same high school or BASS Club per BASS Rules.

*All programs are conducted on lakes in Oakland County, Michigan or surrounding nearby inland bodies of water. We are based in Southeast Michigan* 

*All sessions are held Monday-Friday unless a make up session requires otherwise*


**Prices are per angler and not per team**

Two Options

Tour Elite Team 14 Week

Includes 6 extra sessions

Tour Elite Team 8 Week

No extra sessions

The A1 Tour Elite Team Program is the highest level program in which anglers are able to travel and compete in the Michigan BASS High School tournaments. This is the complete program for those ready to pursue competitive bass fishing fully.

The highest level program gets you the best value on all A1 services in one bundled program with tournament expenses included.

Designed for 2 high school anglers (1 team).

Each program includes:

  • Our 8 Week Summer Development Program
    • 1 day a week on the water for 4 hours
  • A1 Jersey & buff
  • All Tournament Equipment
    • Rods
    • Reels
    • Boat
    • Tackle
  • Video Highlight from the program
    • Fully shot and edited content!
  • Social Media and Branding Advice
  • Sponsorship Strategies
  • College Advice

What it would cost you by not using A1 Angler Development

PLUS the Tour Elite Experience

  • Participation in the 5 MI High School BASS Tournaments
  • One day of practice per tournament
  • Travel and lodging
  • Full tournament equipment
  • Qualified Boat Captain/Coach for each event

What is NOT included

  • License, if necessary
  • BASS Membership
  • Formation of your school BASS club (we can help)
  • Food cost for your angler
  • Any other events qualified for like the National Championship

A1’s goal in this program is to develop your full potential and allow the anglers to have a chance to compete in tournament events they otherwise might not have. The two anglers will receive personalized coaching and access to our full range of services from A1. We will cover the complete gamut of bass fishing and the skills necessary to become a college angler. These skills not only include fishing tactics but also boat operation, equipment maintenance, mental toughness, and ethical practices in fishing.

In order for an individual to perform the same program on their own with their own equipment it would be $7,692.03 per angler if the cost were split! That does not include the hours spent on the water and the value of our knowledge and experience!

Due to the need of more boat captains for the tournament portion of the program the Tour Elite Team is limited to 5 teams! A team is made up of two anglers.

The great thing about fishing is these skills will last a lifetime. If you are able to compete in college, after you graduate you will be able to continue to use the knowledge gained from this program unlike many athletes in other sports!

Let A1 lower the barriers to entry into competitive fishing and also arm you with our extensive experience and knowledge. Join today before the limited spots are full.

2020 Prices
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