Why A1?

At A1 we provide the solution. We fill the need of equipment, knowledge, mentorship, and coaching all in one place. We offer services that allow junior anglers to compete, learn, and position themselves for the most success. The highest barriers to entry are equipment and time to get on the water. This is why we focus on lowering these barriers and getting anglers on the water. We break down the high barriers to entry and we do it with added value and a price that is hard to duplicated on your own.

A1 also separates itself by having mentors with first hand knowledge and experience of how the college fishing scene works. We not only know about college fishing, but we know how fishing on a scholarship team works and what the process is like. There are many great anglers out there, but at A1 we have a passion for developing young talent and helping you through your journey in fishing.

A1 also offers the best service and attention to our clients. Our service, attitude, and all-around above and beyond delivery is an important part of our identity.

Along with service, A1 aims to only offer the best in equipment. A1 will have tournament ready equipment good enough for any professional. With the aid of sponsors in the future this will only become easier and allows us to continue to separate ourselves with our premium equipment and service.

A1 also will be able to offer services such as video editing, media consulting, college advice, and angler representation. All of these services are overlooked and expensive separately, but will only add small additional cost and significant value to our clients.


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